Taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten

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From Vienna to Sankt Pölten – to Austria's youngest provincial capital

The taxi ride from Vienna to Sankt Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria, takes about an hour. The distance is 65.2 kilometers by road and the quickest route is via the A1. Sankt Pölten has only enjoyed capital status since 1986, making it the youngest capital in the country. But the former provincial town with 55,500 inhabitants is no longer provincial, but has established itself as a hotspot for the young and the young at heart. At the same time, the city of St. Pölten, which was granted city rights as early as 1159, is one of the oldest cities in Austria with many buildings worth seeing from bygone eras. There are several reasons why you should travel by taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten: you can relax or get work done on the way and we will ensure that you arrive safely and on time. In addition, you remain spontaneous and can decide on the spot how much time you want to take for which attractions and sights. On the return journey, we will adapt to your wishes and will be happy to pick you up at any meeting point of your choice.

By taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten – our services

We transport not only individuals, but also groups by taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten and back. Depending on whether you want to travel for business or pleasure, we can offer you normal taxis and business vehicles. We also have minivans in our program that can accommodate eight people with luggage. If you are planning an event and would like to transport large numbers of visitors by taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten and back, you can also use our practical shuttle service. We ensure that all passengers get from one place to another in a timely manner and enjoy the greatest possible comfort. For journeys to and from Schwechat Airport, use our airport transfer service. This way you are guaranteed to be at the departure terminal on time and do not have to struggle with your luggage alone.

But we are not only specialized in passenger transport, we can also deliver your documents or packages in a taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten if you wish. Our reliable drivers handle all shipments entrusted to them carefully and discreetly and also deliver documents that need to be received against receipt. Book our courier service and be sure that your shipment will reach the recipient on time and verifiably. You can book all of our services at attractive and transparent rates. We offer our overland trips, messenger trips and airport transfers at low fixed prices, and with the shuttle service you can choose between billing per individual trip or per hour.

Shop and feast in Sankt Pölten

If you take a taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten, you should treat yourself to a few days of vacation there. The city has a lively cultural scene with classical to modern music festivals and is worth a visit all year round. Important cultural institutions are the Festspielhaus and the Museum of Lower Austria with the "House of History" and the "House of Nature". In the pretty old town, baroque buildings and Art Nouveau houses with complexes of modern architecture form an interesting, yet harmonious picture. Shopping is still a lot of fun at the markets and in the small, interesting shops in the old town. In addition, the varied gastronomy in the city center offers culinary delights for every taste, from traditional stews to regional cake specialties to trendy creative cuisine. Travel with us in a taxi from Vienna to Sankt Pölten and enjoy the holiday atmosphere on the outward journey!